The Unexpected Beauty Virtuoso

Angela Jia Kim’s passion for beauty began with her mom. “Koreans are obsessed with their skin, and my mom always had something new sent over from her sisters in Seoul,” she says.

“I would play with her creams that were filled with ingredients like gold and silkworm cocoons.” Angela spent her early career as an award-winning concert pianist, until one day, onstage in front of hundreds of people, a so-called natural lotion she had applied made her break out in hives.

Horrified, she began to study ingredients and craft her own skin care products in her kitchen. “I added luxury ingredients with tremendous skin benefits like champagne, caviar, and truffles,” she says.

“I infused them with organic extracts for anti-aging results.” She started gifting these products to friends, and they wanted to buy them as gifts for their friends. She became the “accidental entrepreneur”. 

I wanted to incorporate the Korean beauty rituals that I grew up with. But as a busy mom and wife living the gorgeous chaos of New York City, I needed flawless skin in a New York minute. And it must be organic and it must work.
— AngelaJia Kim

Now Angela runs a group of holistic facial spas in New York City's West Village and Upper West Side, and in upstate New York. She continues to develop luxe organic products in the Beauty Kitchen with her team of Savor Spa Estheticians. 

Her Dollars & Scents initiative hires moms who need flexible work hours for their children. They make and ship the beauty creams fresh from the Hudson Valley in New York. 

Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist, wife to a Swissman who loves to brew craft beer in his spare time, and mom to a second grader CEO and a yellow lab named Ella Fitzgerald. They live in New York City's Upper West Side.

Adapted from “12 Women Changing the Face of Natural Beauty”

Before a concert, making creams!

Before a concert, making creams!

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Savoring the beauty of philanthropy... a hand-blended, numbered toner is only half the reason you feel great when you leave. Kim built a spa that actually serves the community.
— Allure Magazine