Founder of Savor Beauty, natural numbered skincare system. Made fresh in New York... inspired by Korean beauty rituals.


Welcome to my little corner where my Savor Beauty + Spa team and I have created natural beauty tutorials and luxurious facial experiences for you to savor.

Savor Beauty is all about taking the complicated Korean beauty routine and simplifying them into customized 1-minute rituals that you can commit to daily.

We make our natural skincare products in the Hudson Valley and ship them weekly to our Savor Spa locations in New York. You can purchase them over at Neiman Marcus or at one of our Savor Spa locations. 

Come visit us so we can help create a personalized beauty ritual for you! And if you aren't in New York, watch our beauty tutorials and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected. 

Oh, and let's connect over Instagram! We've been known to send "love samples" to frequent commenters so don't be shy, post a comment and let us know about you. And if you want to connect with me personally, let's chat over insta-coffee. :) 


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 Showcasing our Face Cake Masks

Showcasing our Face Cake Masks