As an international performer, global speaker, and successful entrepreneur, Angela Jia Kim has inspired audiences in over a thousand venues. Her charismatic presence and rich experience allow her to touch and inspire people with impactful stories and lessons learned.

Angela is a recovering workaholic, daughter of Tiger parents, and former concert pianist-turned-beauty entrepreneur. She built her business from the ground up to a multi-million dollar award-winning enterprise using skills she learned as a professional musician.

As the founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, natural skincare and spas inspired by Korean beauty rituals, she has become a self-care advocate for women who do it all. 

Below are speaking topics that Angela can customize for your audience:



Angela shares her powerful and inspirational story of how she went from burnout to beauty. This is how a concert pianist who grew up with Tiger parents broke free of needing constant approval to living a life of authenticity.

: Angela’s journey from pianist to entrepreneur
: How she built business from scratch to 7-figures
: Why she eventually burnt out and quit piano cold turkey
: The one thing she did to turn her life around
: How she now lives a life of balance, beauty, and brilliance



Angela has sold over 50,000 copies of her Savor Planner designed to help women who do it all. It is the first planner to emphasize “first self-care, then success” with prompts and exercises. Angela shares her 5-step system to go from overwhelm to on top of the world.

: How to design a "nourish to flourish" lifestyle
: How to plan your life in 90-day bursts of joy
: How to organize your gorgeous chaos in 5 steps



Studies show that perfection can seriously harm your mental health and well-being. We live in a world of filters and highlight reels. We spend our days comparing, feeling immense pressure, and trying to achieve someone else’s definition of perfection. Angela shares her story of how she let go of perfectionism and embraced failing her way to success, happiness, and genuine glow from the inside-out.

: The reason why perfectionism is toxic
: How to know if perfectionism is holding you back
: The secret to overcoming the need to be perfect


Founders of Savor Beauty, Gilt, Baked by Melissa on entrepreneur panel

Founders of Savor Beauty, Gilt, Baked by Melissa on entrepreneur panel

Angela has created a harmonious and collaborative company culture by running her business like a chamber orchestra. Learn the secrets this former professional musician applies to her multi-million dollar beauty business.

: Why startups must run like an orchestra
: The secret to not miss a beat in business
: How to communicate like a musician
: Why creativity and competition is worth more than funding